The Almost Housewife Diaries – What it’s like to rely on your partner at 23


Writing about this topic has been at the forefront of my blogging mind for months. I’ve been put off writing about anything too negative because A) I’m (for the most part) a positive person and B) having these thought down in writing for the internet to see is pretty damn scary.

However, last week I read a post by blogging babe Sophie Milner AKA Fashion Slave which perfectly summed up how I’m currently feeling. Find her blog post here. She talks about how she doesn’t want to settle for ‘the simple life’ which is something that I’m feeling more and more. I won’t just rewrite her great post, but I thought I would describe my own personal struggle with wanting more out of my life.


Real panic set in when one morning I received a text from Dave to say that his job was in jeopardy, so (as I’m sure most of you know by now) we took the plunge and moved to Italy when an amazing opportunity came up for Dave. Here lies the problem. Moving here was, and still is, exclusively for Dave’s career. Not my own, not even a little. I threw myself into finding work and managed to become an English teacher after a month of studying. Side note: I live in small town Italy, where even Italians struggle to find employment.

Due to ever changing Italian law, it might not even be worth the effort to work again as a teacher when school starts in September, therefore I’ll be 100% reliant on Dave. He is very understanding and of course doesn’t mind, after all, we’re here for him. However, how I can justify treating myself with someone else’s money is yet to be seen. I know there are many relationships where only one person works, and the household income is considered shared. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that if both parties are happy with the arrangement and it works for them. It’s just never ever something that I wanted or would imagine happening at 23 before my career has even begun. I don’t regret moving here though, I was in a position at home that was slowly dragging me down and I really wasn’t happy. Although I’ve gained nothing financially, moving has given me so much. I’ve had new experiences, met new people and it’s definitely brought Dave and I even closer. I’m meeting new people all the time which I love, this year will definitely be exciting with a having wider circle of friends.

So for now, I’m in limbo, who knows what the next few months will bring. If you’ve found this post even slightly interesting please do let me know- otherwise I’ll shut up and get back to beauty posts & vlogs!

Kirsty x


3 thoughts on “The Almost Housewife Diaries – What it’s like to rely on your partner at 23

  1. Kirsty, this definitely was interesting to read! Completely agree with everything you say, and admire how determined and motivated you are to succeed for yourself. You go girl! This is cliche but everything happens for a reason, you will look back and understand and be grateful why it happened when you are where you want to be. ❤
    Natalia x

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