The BEST Weekend | Austrian GP 2017


This is something a little different for my little Youtube channel and I, and I have no idea if this will be interesting to anyone at all. However, I couldn’t not share my first ever Grand Prix experience.

I have never followed Formula 1 or any type of motor sport, but I’m always open to new things. When Dave asked if if wanted to go to Austria for the weekend to attend the Grand Prix I was more than happy to say yes.

I had no idea what to expect, but let me tell you this had to be one of the best weekends I’ve had in a long time! The atmosphere and entertainment was amazing- and that’s not even including the race itself.

Even if you’re still not convinced that Formula 1 is a sport for you, please do check out my short video of the weekend, I would really appreciate it!


Kirsty x

Teaching English Abroad – What you need to know!

I am certainly not an expert in either the English language or teaching. However, I have nearly completed my first year of teaching in Italy so I want to share what I’ve learned for anyone who is thinking about starting a new life and diving into teaching!

Firstly, I didn’t plan on becoming an English teacher. When I moved to Italy I had no idea what I would be able to do, but I was determined to find work. I live in a small town where English is not widely spoken, and I as I don’t speak Italian my options were always going to be limited.

I did some research and found an English school online, within five minutes I had sent an email with my CV attached in the hope that even if there wasn’t a job, there would be the opportunity to volunteer.

If you’re seriously thinking of teaching English I would recommend getting a qualification before you set off in search of your new life. Schools now have a higher standard than before- simply being a native English speaker is no longer enough. I completed an online TEFL course (which is widely recognised) or there is a more in depth (and more pricey) CELTA course. I believe this is run in several locations throughout the UK and lasts approximately one month.

I can only comment on the TEFL course. There are several different courses you can choose between- the more in-depth, the higher the price point. I selected the biggest online course, but luckily for me they were offering a hefty discount at the time. I think TEFL do this regularly so it’s worth looking out for.

So if you’ve decided to take the plunge and get a qualification, next you need to decide how and where you’re going to make some money! You can work in main stream schools, an English speaking school for all ages or even give lessons online.

Although I don’t feel like a natural born teacher, I have surprised myself with how I have managed to engage with even my most timid of students. I feel like I’ve grown as a person and I’ve have the privilege to meet so many new people with a variety of backgrounds.

I truly feel that anyone who teaches English won’t ever regret their decision and the world of possibilities they’ve opened up to themselves.

Have you ever thought of teaching English abroad? Do you already teach English? Let me know!

Kirsty x

A Day in Verona


Last week Dave’s parents came to visit us for the first time since we moved to Italy. We’ve lived here for a year now so felt like we could be pretty competent tour guides around our small town. However, now have a car here we decided we wouldn’t spend their whole trip in our town, its way too hot! We decided to drive to Lake Garda and spend a few days there- we stayed in Sirmione, which I would highly recommend.

One Dave’s parents last day we travelled to Verona (it’s about an hour away from Sirmione). I vlogged the day which you can check out below:


Kirsty x

Five Things I Need from ASOS

Timeless Holiday Glam: Bershka Metallic Stripe Ruffle Playsuit £27.99 (shop here)

I can imagine wearing this playsuit in the evening after a day at the beach, it’s the ultimate dress-up or dress-down piece. The high-neck cut at the front is conservative and classic while the open back makes this piece more fun – and perfect for showing off a tan! This playsuit looks like it would cost at least three times the actual price. From the raw fringing to the metallic thread this is definitely something that you could keep in your summer wardrobe for seasons to come.


Mosaic Style Sliders: Asos Janis Sandals £ 18 (shop here)

On holiday the Instagram transition is to find floor tiles worthy for taking that classic shoe shot. No need for that with these shoes as they provide enough detail! More raw fringing and a classic, almost Aztec looking print ensure that they will be the focal point of your holiday wardrobe. I love pieces like this because they can add interest to the most boring outfits- no effort required!


Effortless Bow Bag: Asos Twisted Bow Cross Body Bag £18 (shop here)

I love the simplicity of this bag. It’s a perfect size to take from day to night and the light, almost purple toned grey would go perfectly with my mainly white summer wardrobe. Again, the extra detail with the bow makes the bag look at lot more expensive than the price.


The Showstopper Dress: Stevie May Dodie Maxi Dress £230 (shop here)

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more fitting holiday glam dress. Again, raw fringing features (I can’t help but shop in themes!) as well as some beautiful, but not in your face embellishment. The open shoulders and side split would also make this maxi dress hot weather appropriate. With big sunglasses and imperfect hair this would be my go to dress this summer.


Too Affordable to be True Sunglasses: New Look Mirror Cat Sunglasses £8.99 (shop here)

Ever since I got my hands on a pair of rayban mirrored sunglasses, I found myself gravitating towards more. Different colours or styles, mirrored glasses aren’t going anywhere. These silver cat eye glasses are so simple yet so elegant and wouldn’t look out of place on the beach or on a fancy city break.

What’s on your ASOS wishlist?

Kirsty x

Summer Reset


For the last month I’ve been in that phase where everything is a little manic in the run up to summer. I would love to say that I’ve been religiously working on my blog, summer body and picture perfect ootds. However I have in fact been sitting at home, in jogging bottoms that shouldn’t be allowed to see the light of day, surgically attached to my kitchen chair and laptop. As anyone in education (students and teachers alike) will know, its exam time which takes a little more prep and a massive motivational push to keep going!

As well as getting my students ready for their final tests, I’ve also been creating lesson plans for my younger students which involve a little more commitment, because you can’t have a class DIY without the Blue Peter classic ‘here’s one I made earlier’ (DIY Fidget Spinners, anyone?).

However, I do really feel like it’s important to take care of number one every once in a while. So today I did a quick DIY gel pedicure, a good body exfoliation and some under eye patches before hitting the pool this afternoon. Something as simple and quick as these actions made me feel refreshed and oddly more confident for the dreaded reveal of the pasty white winter body! Now that it’s 30 degrees outside I’m going to start making this a little weekly ritual, including a hair mask and terrible dancing to cheesy 00’s R’n’B (I know I’m not alone here haha).

Make some time for yourself this week- we all deserve it!

Kirsty x


Shirt, sandals & sunglasses- Primark

Bag- Accessorize

Shorts- DIY