Taste of Summer


I love love love ice cream. It’s my favourite summer treat! Much like fragrance can take you back to a specific place, time or event, ice cream does the same for me. Blue skies, holidays or sitting in the garden, always enjoyed with loved ones.


This particular cone was enjoyed at Marble Slab on 8th street here in Saskatoon.


Dress: Zara

Sunglasses: Kate Spade

Handbag: Matt & Natt

Kirsty x

Paisley Print in The Zara Sale

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This season’s Zara sale had too many beautiful pieces that I couldn’t choose. Anyone else debate over what sale items to buy, until their size is completely out of stock? I’m a picky shopper to this happens quite frequently. So, as per usual, I spent the next week refreshing the Zara app on my phone hoping things would come back into stock. This crazy, determined tactic works- trust me. A week later this lovely shirt dress came back in my size – I absolutely love the print and the longer length.

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A Canadian Getaway

I thought I’d get back to blogging with a roundup of our trip to the Jasper National Park. We drove from Saskatoon and first spent the weekend in Edmonton shopping. Then, to break up the drive to Jasper we spent one night in Hinton, a small town between Edmonton and the Park.

The two nights we spent in Jasper Park we stayed in the Sumwapta Falls Rocky Mountain Lodge (see here). Right in the heart of the park and a short walk from the Sumwapta falls, we loved staying in this rustic cabin. The staff at the front desk were lovely and were full of tips and advice so perfect for our first trip to The Rockies.  Our favourite feature of our room was the fireplace that we could use. My parents and grandparents have always had fireplaces and log burners so it was a nice wee reminder of home!

We bought a package that gave us a tour to the Columbia Icefields, Glacier Skywalk and boat tour around Maligne Lake (see here). We did the Icefield and the Skywalk on the same day, with dinner in Jasper village in the evening. The next day we drove to Maligne Lake (making plenty stops for photo opportunities) then onto our next accommodation.

As we made our way back closer to home, we spent a further two nights in The Old Entrance B&B (see here). Don’t let the extremely old fashioned website put you off- this place was a hidden gem! It’s a family run business with several rustic log cabins – and tepees! We stayed in a log cabin that came complete with front porch and barbecue. Every evening the owner, Mary, let her horses out to roam around which was so nice! She also gave us a map for a two hour hike which gave us great views of the river and the mountains.

We already can’t wait to come back to the Rockies next year.

Click here to watch the holiday vlog!

Kirsty x

Affordable Valentine Date Ideas


I’m kicking off Feburary with a post which will hopefully help you celebrate Valentine’s Day to its fullest without breaking the bank. Dave and I had mini brainstorming session thinking about a few of the affordable things we like to do together. I know we certainly won’t be doing anything lavish this Valentine’s day- moving is expensive and we need kitchen utensils more than an expensive night out!

  • Make something ordinary special. Dave and I cook at home almost every day, but we rarely make an event out of it. So Valentines is a good excuse for us to set the table with some flowers or candles, plan out a nice meal for us to cook together. I always listen to music in the kitchen and make Dave dance with me- so at least we move enough to have earned a fab dessert! To make our evening even a little more special we make our own cocktails, I’m obsessed with a Gin Fizz cocktail at the moment.
  • Go for a stroll. I know this sounds boring on paper, and not especially pleasant in February (I seriously need to toughen up if I’m to survive winter in Canada) but trust me. The difference between Dave and I spending time in front of the television compared to going for a walk is that we really get to talk. At home we’re quite bad for scrolling through our phones in silence. When we’re out we get the chance to talk about anything and everything! I always return home feeling satisfied and brimming with new ideas about the future.
  • Serious at home movie night. Dim the lights, get the snacks and put electronics away. Going to the cinema (in the UK at least) is seriously expensive so save a small fortune and create an intimate film screening at home. *sofa fort is optional
  • Go through your memories. I bought Dave this memory box for Christmas years ago. It’s now full of trinkets and tickets from our life together. I love reminiscing so to me this is a great activity to pass an afternoon at home. My family love to do this with old embarrassing photographs!
Kirsty x
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Starting from Scratch. New Year, New Life.

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I have been nearly mute on social media over the last few months, and for an excellent, exciting reason. At the end of summer Dave and I were offered the chance to emigrate to Canada. We had time to think things over, do our research and decided that this was something we really wanted to do. We knew living in Italy was not part of our long term plan, nor were we ready to rush back to the UK without good reason.

So over the last few months we’ve been busy filling out visa forms, eliminating as much ‘stuff’ from our lives as we possibly could before the move and saying our emotional goodbyes to family and friends in both Italy and Scotland.

So blogging and Youtube have had to take a backseat. Since the summer we have been living the quiet life. I haven’t bought an item of clothing since the summer, and only bought make up essentials when necessary. It would have been silly while we were donating and giving away so much to add more to the equation. Vlogging came to an end as we spent a lot of our days at home, trying to save money and keep a low profile until Dave could finally hand his notice in at work. It was HARD to keep something this big a secret for so long!

So I may be the worst blogger at the moment with my lack of content and new shiny things, but I’m actually okay with that for now! I have a wonderful life and am so excited to see where this next chapter of our lives leads us. I have the opportunity to start a new career, new friendship groups and even a whole new wardrobe!

So with all this change I’m really going to push myself to commit a lot more to blogging. It’s a fantastic hobby for me and it allows everyone back home to catch a glimpse into our lives, before they come to visit anyway!

Kirsty xx